Daily Care Collection

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    With the Daily Care Collection, you can restore the moisture, radiance, vitality and freshness effect that your skin needs.

  So, how should the daily skin care steps be and which products should be used in daily care?


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Our set products that every skin type can use for daily care;


  • C Treatment Cleansing Mousse: The first product we should use is the UNIMART C Treatment Cleansing Mousse, which we can wash our face and neck area in the morning and evening, or use it on our body in the shower, thanks to its cleansing effect in foam form and the intense vitamin C in it.


  • Green Essent Aloe Vera Natural Gel: The second product we should use is UNIMART Green Essent Aloe Vera, which we can use on our face, skin, neck area and body as often as we want, in the morning, during the day and in the evening, with its moisturizing and protective effect in gel form. It is a Natural Gel product.


  • Face Defense Sun Cream SPF 50 Oil Free: The third product we need to use is UNIMART Face Defense Sun Cream, with its oil-free form, blocks all the harmful rays from UVA, UVB and the sun, while providing the vitality, moisture effect and has vitamin D that your skin needs in order to have healthy way, which does not leave resude on your skin.


  • Caviar Selection Tonic: The fourth and last product we should use is UNIMART Caviar Selection Tonic in liquid form, which we can use on our skin and neck area in the morning and evening, which takes its power from caviar. With regular use, your skin will decrease in spots and signs of aging. Your skin will have a radiant, bright and smooth soft appearance.

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